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Delivering powerful media & marketing solutions


In creating films, we at Live Picture focus on portraying emotions correctly in a manner that our audience would connect intimately with what is before them. Putting motion pictures together can be done through a number of ways, from novice to professional level through different media channels, from a mobile phone to a Black magic URSA Mini Pro. The difference in the quality of production and ultimately what would be seen by people are the finer details which are often ignored. To put you and us ahead of others, we are equipped with state-of-the art technology and skills, which are second to none!


Identity Design

It remains a fact that an important part of any online presence is the art of designing suitable logos; reports design; paper and business card design. We, at Live Pictures are experts in creating and designing excellent identities for businesses, organizations and brands. We work assiduously to create outstanding designs and identities that cannot get lost in a crowd - rather, it stands out! Bearing in mind the need for uniqueness and expertise in doing this, we offer a wide range of brilliant designs which would leave your viewers in awe, thereby; they become intimately connected to your brand any time, any day!


Digital Marketing

At Live Pictures, we piece together digital footage and surreal animation in a manner that they come together and feel alive. The illusion that we create is aimed at producing quality motion graphics that are of premium quality and totally relatable to our audience. 

We understand the absolute need to thrill an audience by presenting top notch graphics that excites and inspires the mind, hence why we constantly thrill whoever comes in contact with our work of art. 

Media Coverage

It doesn’t matter the manner of media event you wish covered, we at Live Pictures got you whenever you need us. Our extensive use of top equipment means we are always able to deliver what you need at the right time. To accomplish this, we combine the live coverage with special effects to bring out the true beauty of the production. At Live Pictures, we understand the need for quality in art and are committed to ensuring that you get top value on all projects from us. Plus, we deliver on time? We value our customers so much and treat them as such. You call for our service, voom! We deliver, no delays! You’re covered!


Documentary Films

Works of art in this category are for capturing a moment or series of events that ultimately reach to a climax in visual storytelling. From the start, there is need to simplify the tale being told, taking nothing away from the expected high quality of motion pictures and sound which are benchmarks of a great production.

We know just how to get your audience to fall in love with this project by bringing quality motion picture in touch with great creative storytelling to ensure the right message is passed in the manner you wish and to the delight of viewers. 

To accomplish this, there must be a proper synergy of the needed elements, coupled with a seamless transition from one aspect of the documentary to the other. 


Social Media Campaigns 

Bugged down and frustrated about how little your fan base is? Would you like to promote your business by extending information to your target customers or clients? You do not need to sweat nor fret! All you need do is to reach us at Live Pictures. We, at Live Pictures are committed to delivering top-notch social media campaigns and outreaches to the satisfaction and contentment of our clients! 


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